CEO Message
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MPI-KMC group has always been a pioneer in the manufacturing of equipment and packages within Iranian domestic markets in oil, gas, petrochemical and power industries ever since its establishment in 1990 s. We have been able to successfully carry out over 200 projects all around the country. By undertaking these projects by remarkable outcomes, we have developed a wealth of project management capabilities and technological know-how, which in turn have supported us to build strong relationship with our clients and partners in the market. 

To ensure continued growth, we will focus on diversifying our products and services, extend our target markets and improve our project management / engineering capabilities. We will further strengthen our competitiveness in areas of activity. 

To support this goal, we have arranged to build a center for technological / know-how transmission, within the group, simultaneous with analytical based management to support us carry out projects by applying lesson learned, experiences, capabilities and risk management in an integrated way.

We are highly committed to being a model by partnering with all our stakeholders, including clients, partners, subcontractors and Vendors, to grow together while focusing on sustainability. 
We  will continue innovation to respond proactively to the fast-changing industrial market environment. Your continued support and encouragement will be highly appreciated for MPI-KMC group to become a stronger and more sustainable group.

Thank you.
A. Azimi